Fighting Depression

Counselling for Depression in Cranage & Allostock

Depression is a mental illness that causes a persistent low mood, loss of interest or finding pleasure, feeling of low self-worth, and poor concentration. It’s a very common mental health disorder that many who experience feel that it holds them back in relationships, social situations, and daily life. Therapy for depression in Cranage and Allostock helps to address your symptoms of depression, discover where it stems from, and how to deal with it in their personal lives.  Talking therapy with Cathy Vincent Counselling Services will help you to better understand and vocalise your thoughts.

Counselling for Depressive Feelings in Cranage

There is no single cause for depression, but diagnosis can occur after symptoms are recognised as either part of your personality or after a distressing event. For example, if you are lonely or are overly self-critical, you are more likely to develop depression, or if you have recently suffered an illness or bereavement you may be suffering from situational depression. Depression can manifest in all kinds of different ways and affect your memory, concentration, sleep, and appetite as well as your moods and interpersonal relationships. Talking therapy for depression aims to help you understand and process your depressive thoughts to try and turn them into more proactive and positive changes in your behaviour and thought patterns. Talking therapy for depression can be very liberating for those experiencing low moods.

The Symptoms of Depression

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may be experiencing depression or depressive thoughts and could benefit from therapy sessions:

  • Persistent low moods or sadness
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Having low self-esteem or being overly self-critical
  • Feeling irritable or intolerant of others
  • Losing motivation and interest
  • Feeling anxious or worried
  • Withdrawing from those close to you
  • Lack of sleep and/or appetite
  • Self-destructive thoughts and/or substance misuse

Why Should You Come to Cathy Vincent Counselling Services?

Cathy Vincent offers therapy sessions and counselling services in Cranage for those who are experiencing depression and depressive thoughts. She understands that discussing these feelings is difficult and complex, which is why she takes an individualised approach to every client and will never overwhelm you before you are ready to share your experiences. She holds a Bachelors degree majoring in Psychology and a Masters degree in Counselling, as well as being an empathetic and understanding person.

Counselling for depression in Cranage, Allostock, Middlewich, and the surrounding areas can help you understand the causes and management of your mental illness so that you may take steps to feeling mentally healthier and happier in yourself. Contact Cathy Vincent Counselling Services today on 07877 456243, email us directly at, or Contact Me online.